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Vega Man Boot
Winter 2020.21

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LA SPORTIVA <BR />Vega Man Boot <BR /> Winter 2020.21

Vega Man is the evolution of the four-buckle ski mountaineering boot dedicated to all free-rider ski mountaineers in search of the perfect combination of the power, control, resistance and precision of a downhill boot, with the mobility qualities, maneuverability and lightweight of a new generation ski mountaineering boot. The shell is made of light and resistant Grilamid® Carbon Renforced while the patented Vertebra Technology™ carbon-loaded locking system forms a structural part of the boot and facilitates the transmission of downhill power thanks to the exceptional “125-Flex”. The mobility of the cuff, equal to 60° of the total excursion, combined with the accentuated rolling and the patented EZ Flex™ hinge system of the bootie, enhances the walkability of the product, which can also be used for technical passages on rocks and slippery ground thanks to the integral Vibram® sole dual-compound/double. The dual compatibility with both race TECH and AT bindings allows excellent versatility of use. Vega: free your pow(d)er.

1. G-Shell™: our super-compact lower shell is only 303 mm long for a size 27.5. We use the ultra-lightweight nylon polymer Grilamid® BIO because it allows us to reduce the thickness of the lower shell wall without sacrifi cing stiffness or power. The innovative Rear Diffuser element powers the boot’s extended range of motion. This diffuser element allows incredible best-in-category true 60° range of motion -30° rearward and 30° forward (buckles closed)
2. Cuff: the Vega’s ingenious Dual-Axis Cuff™ consists of two individual elements working together: 1) a Pebax® Powered® dual-density two-buckle Climbing System Control™ cuff that provides lateral control and increased ankle articulation for technical climbing; 2) a Carbon Reinforced Vertebra Technology™ exoskeleton that enhances forward and rearward power transmission. The Vertebra Technology™ outer cuff is the key to the Vega’s powerful 115-Flex downhill performance. There is also a removable two-position asymmetric rear spoiler for fi ne-tuning the forward lean angle and the position of the foot in the lower shell
3. Walking Profi le: the Dual-Axis Cuff™ facilitates a long smooth stride with an extended 60° range of motion while the G-Shell™ lower component maintains compatibility for touring (AT) ski binding attachment and for tech binding as well. Low 17 mm _H ramp-angle for a easy natural stance and all-day comfort
4. Shell Line: reinforced area defi ned by the analysis of 3D models helps minimize the extent of shell deformation
5. EZ Flex™ Tongue: the Pebax® Rnew® bio-based tongue uses our EZ Flex™ hinge system derived from La Sportiva’s proven mountain boot technology. This innovative design guarantees unrestricted ankle movement for steep ascents and easy striding on fl at ground. An added waterproof seal under the tongue provides protection against snow, ice and water. The position of the tongue can be customized at the magnesium hinge over the top of the toe box. There are 3 positions for a total adjustment range of 4 mm to allow fi ne-tuning of fi t and walkability
6. 4BT Tech Last™: 102.5 mm neutral fl at last keeps your foot in a comfortable no-fatigue position for precision footwork on technical Ski-mountaineering terrain. Similar to the 2BT Tech Last found on the Spitfi re, Sideral and Starlet but wider in the forefoot and at the base of the fi fth-metatarsal for a more comfortable performance fi t
7. WarmSole™ Insert: fact-rubber outsoles conduct cold up from the bottom of ski boots. The Vega sports a clever removable polyurethane ultra-lightweight insulating innersole that raises your foot up off the plastic fl oor of the boot
8. EZ-TECH Buckles™ (patented): aluminum buckles with microadjustment arm designed to speed up closing and opening operations
9. Power Strap: the wider offset and articulated velcro closure securely locks the entire cuff mechanism to the leg for effi cient power transmission when skiing downhill
10. Vertebra Technology™: carbon reinforced Grilamid® hardwearing ergonomic power structure that works like an exoskeleton (patent pending). It is the backbone of the cuff construction and guarantees maximum security and precision during downhill ski mode. No need for a stiff tongue, the power comes from the Vertebra when it is locked out in downhill mode
11. Walk/Ski Mechanism: bombproof design (patent pending) is easy to operate even with gloves on
12. Adjustable Forward Lean: you can tune the boot to your personal preference with this interchangeable adjustable system for regulating the inclination of the cuff in three different positions (10°, 14°, 18°)
13. Vibram® Outsole™: dual density with 85 shore a inserts at the toe and heel, for easier climbing on technical passages. A special centraling system which helps attach the boot to the bindings more quickly
14. Binding compatibility: the boots are compatible with race Tech bindings, AT touring bindings
15. VEGA Liners come pre-molded: If necessary the liners are 100% thermo-formable for those with special fi t requirements.