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Scarpa® Ribelle OD
Summer 2018

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OUTDRY <br />Scarpa® Ribelle OD <br /> Summer 2018

The suede leather version reaffirms the revolutionary and successful curved last shape concept developed for a “stile alpino” walking style. Mountain aficionados are offered a boot with strong Perwanger suede leather, used in our classic mountaineering boots, while maintaining the innovative spirit of the Ribelle family. Ribelle OD with OutDry® lamination and 37.5 by Cocona® lining, keep your feet dry from moisture and in any wet condition. The TPU crampon insert on the heel makes it compatible with the use of semi-automatic crampons and ideal for any trail: from trekking and via ferrata routes to technical mountaineering. It is particularly suited for professionals and mountain guides.

OUTDRY® TECHNOLOGY. With OutDry® technology the membrane is laminated directly on the inner side of the Ribelle’s upper fabric. That means, water cannot accumulate in the gap between the waterproof lining and the upper: the water stays on the outer surface of the shoe and your feet remain dry. OutDry uniformly seals the upper’s inner surface with a thin waterproof barrier. There are no folds, no seams and no seam-sealing tapes. This eliminates potential points of friction with the foot, and consequently decreases the risk of blisters. Then the complete absence of any seam-sealing tape, allows the system to exploit 100% permeability of the waterproof barrier surface, thus increasing overall breathability.


  • Upper: Suede water-resistant 2,4-2,6mm+ microtech + OutDry® Lamination
  • Lining: 37,5 by Cocona
  • Insole: ACTIV PLUS
  • Sizes: 37 – 48 (half sizes available)
  • Weight: 695 gr (half pair size 42).