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PARROT 9.8 Edelrid
Summer 2016

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PARROT 9.8 Edelrid <br />Summer 2016

When manufacturing climbing ropes1, there are two main production stages that pro-duce leftover sheath yarns. The first is during preparation when the sheath yarns are wound onto braiding spools. The second is after braiding the rope on the braiding machine – when the batch length has been reached, but there are still sheath yarns remaining on the spools. The Parrot 9.8 mm ensues from these two stages. EDEL-RID only uses leftover yarns to make this innovative rope. This is made possible by collecting the leftover yarns on a special spool in a separate process. The Parrot 9.8 mm is made in shorter batches/lots than the standard production. The Parrot 9.8 mm contains no spliced yarns2 – the same as with all EDELRID ropes – i.e. the sheath is produced 100% in one piece and contains no irregularities due to splicing. This pro-cess allows to upcycle approximately 95% of leftover yarns from production to make new high-quality ropes.

The finished product comes in unusual different colored patterns – but otherwise has all the same characteristics as a ‘normal’ climbing rope. Naturally, it complies with all the applicable safety standards. As we use leftover yarns in similar lengths from our existing colors, and these production leftovers cannot be planned in advance, each batch of this rope is unique. The customer can therefore choose which color combi-nation they prefer. Each Parrot 9.8 mm is a limited edition – one of a kind.
With the Parrot 9.8 mm single rope, EDELRID is introducing upcycling to its produc-tion facilities (and as with all EDELRID climbing ropes, it meets the bluesign® crite-ria). And the price remains fair too. EDELRID is passing the resulting savings directly on to the customer. The 60-meter version of this eco rope will be available for 130 euros. A good eco-balance does not have to cost the earth.

Product details Parrot 9.8 mm:
• Thermo Shield treatment
• Weight: 62 g/m
• Number of falls: 7
• Available as: 40 m, 50 m, 60 m, 70 m, 80 m
• Color: assorted colors