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Houdini Venture Vest
Summer 2019

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PRIMALOFT <BR /> Houdini Venture Vest <BR /> Summer 2019

Houdini Venture Vest with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active+ (55% PCR)

This easy stowable insulated vest with 40g PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active+ (containing 55% recycled fibers) has a relaxed fit, is lightweight and can be stowed into a side pocket for easier transport whilst on the run. The collar and placket give a soft next to skin feeling. The vest combines uncompromised style with optimal performance and is the perfect compressible insulation layer that will keep the wearer comfortable in any situation. Due to a special fiber structure of the insulation Houdini could use a highly breathable outer fabric for better moisture management and comfort, without compromising on thermal performance. Additional sustainable aspect: When it is finally worn out or it can be brought back to Houdini to be either recycled or sold in our second-hand store.