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PRO DRY Edelrid
Summer 2016

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PRO DRY Edelrid <br />Summer 2016

Not content with just treating the sheath, EDELRID’s Pro Dry technique goes one step further. Firstly, the individual core strands are impregnated separately. Once the core and sheath strands have been braided together the finished rope is treated again. In a final stage, the impregnation is thermally fixed. The result is a rope that is durably water repellent and dirt resistant, particularly fast drying and that will not freeze easily in colder temperatures. Pro Dry ropes provide maximum performance.

And that’s not all. The newly developed impregnation also improves the gliding char-acteristics of the individual fibers – improving abrasion-resistance and the lifespan of the rope.

EDELRID’s developers spent over twelve months working on the new technique. The challenge was not to ensure that water absorption was under five per cent, but rather to retain or further improve other parameters, such as maintaining relatively low rope elongation. The hard work paid off, the new ropes absorb less than two per cent of their weight in water and still offer typical EDELRID’s characteristics, i.e. compact con-struction and legendary suppleness.
EDELRID Pro Dry ropes are tested for water absorption using the UIAA Water Repel-lent Test. During the UIAA test, a rope sample is first prepared to simulate abrasion from rock and ice by being pulled through a wearing apparatus so that it’s entire surface is mechanically abraded.

In a standardized procedure, the rope sample is then subjected to a water flow of two liters per minute for fifteen minutes. Finally, the wet rope sample is compared with a dry rope sample and the difference is expressed as a percentage. The rope may not absorb more than five per cent of its own weight in water.
The new EDELRID collection continues to feature two separate lines: The Pro Line and the Sports Line. The entire Pro Line benefits from the Pro Dry treatment. This means that these ropes undergo a more complex production process. The Sports Line contains classic EDELRID ropes from the Pro Line (for example the Swift 8.9 mm or the Eagle Lite 9.5 mm), but without the Pro Dry finish. This allows customers to choose the best rope for their requirements – with or without impregnation.
UIAA DRY: Impregnated core and sheath
 Durably water repellent and dirt resistant ropes
 High abrasion resistance
 Outstanding performance in cold and wet conditions
 Optimal gliding characteristics