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Pantera Laser
Summer 2019

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WildClimb <br /> Pantera Laser  <br /> Summer 2019

Pantera Laser was born from the “Pantera rossa” and “Pantera Blu 2.0” experiences, from which Pantera Laser took its qualities. The medium midsole, which is taken from Pantera Rossa, and the Wildmicrofiber precision tomaia, which is taken from the Pantera Blu 2.0, have been worked and pierced with a Laser process in order to increase the lightness and the transpiration of the shoe. The precision of the inner side has increased thanks to a rubber casing that reinforces the stability of the shoe.

The new insole structure is now more sensitive and makes the shoe suitable for overhang structures, but without losing pressure and precision on little stands.