Changing times in the U.S outdoor market.
Interview with Amy Roberts

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Founded in 1989 and with over 1200 members, the OIA has been a powerful force in ensuring that the US industry is thinking, acting and delivering in a joined up manner. The news tells us that the political situation in the United States is anything but simple and within this instability are some serious threats to the outdoor sector.

Amy Roberts (Executive Director, OIA) talks about the challenges as she sees them and the way in which the OIA and the US industry is responding to such rapid change and she looks at how the current US President is polarizing attitudes to public lands and how brands are responding by testing their advocacy voice directly with their consumers. The message is compelling, we as an industry have hard choices to make and the direction we go during this period will have long term implications for all.

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Interview: Jessica Ceotto
Shooting & Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.