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REACTIK + Petzl: Bluetooth Flex Plan: Monitor, Customize and Commit!

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A smart, connected, and rechargeable headlamp. Through the MyPetzl Light* smartphone app, monitor battery life in real time, choose a specific lighting profile for your activity, and control the brightness of your REACTIK + on the fly.

Multi-beam, rechargeable, intelligent headlamp that is connected, thanks to the MyPetzl Light mobile app. It features REACTIVE LIGHTING technology that automatically adapts light intensity to the needs of the user. 300 lumens

With 300 lumens of power, the REACTIK + headlamp offers outdoor enthusiasts a compact, intelligent, connected, rechargeable solution. Thanks to the MyPetzl Light mobile app, the user may at any time consult his smart phone or tablet to check the remaining battery life and adapt the performance of the headlamp to the activity: trail running, mountaineering, trekking, backpacking. He simply downloads the profiles provided or creates his own personalized ones. During the activity, with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, REACTIK + analyzes the ambient light and adjusts brightness instantly to user requirements. Battery…

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