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Reda Rewoolution – Collection Fall/Winter 2015.16

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Reda Rewoolution, the Italian activewear brand born from the great Italian textile tradition of the Reda woolen mill, presents the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.

Welcome to the Rewoolution: Reda Rewoolution is the revolution, which converts a concept as ancient as the world: the use of wool. The brand has re-interpreted the natural fiber par excellence in a modern key, without losing, but in fact valuing, the properties of wool, handed down until our days: breathability, speed of drying, thermal regulation, waterproofing and protection from UV rays, essential characteristics for those who love practicing sports in balance with nature.

The wool selected for the creation of Reda Rewoolution products is pure Merino Z-que certified, coming from breeding farms of New Zealand and followed in every phase of its transformation, through a narrowly controlled supply chain, to guarantee a maximum qualitative level. Once in Italy, the wool is processed using the most advanced technologies in the Reda woolen mill of Valle Mosso, the only one in the world which can boast the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) environment certification, an initiative of the European Union oriented to control and improve the environmental performances of companies.

The result of such attention and care in the production is mirrored in an eco-friendly sport clothing collection of extraordinary performances; the perfect union between experience and innovation, expression of the most authentic “Made in Italy”.

Follow your mood:Reda Rewoolution is contact with nature at 360 degrees. Mountains, the source of primary inspiration for the 2015-2016 collection, are lived at different heights and through the practice of different activities. The items of clothing are built with the best technique to provide the sport addicts with the comfort and the perfect syntony with the surrounding environment. Mountain is the theme that guides not only the choice of materials and makings, but also the definition of the chromatic palette. From the natural grey of rocks, rich in shades and nuances, to the white-cream that recalls the snowy summits; tones which melt in a refined atmosphere of light and dark. A “silent” range of colors, which leaves its mark like the passage of a skier who leaves his track on the powder of a slope.

The touches of brighter colors recall wild nature too: from the royal blue, which symbolizes pure energy that can be breathed on the summit, until the acidic and oxidized yellows, inspired by the sunsets which reflect on the rocky walls. The fabrics of the finest wool are translated in new structural concepts: the rough texture of a time is substituted with a soft and clean yarn, which gives the materials a stylish technical aspect.

A perfect balance between performance and elegance for items which can be worn in layers, in order to best face every moment and performance. In contact with the skin, comfort is guaranteed from the items of the Next to Skin range which, to ensure the thermic protection against the lowest temperatures, goes with the gutsy and durable Sturdy pile, in 100% Merino Wool Fleece Redactive® and Merino Ripstop®, part of the Outdoor line. A shell jacket is also essential to reach the summit, such as the innovative Echoes, realized in Redactive® Tecno Gabardine and Merino Ripstop® to protect from the wind and the rain.

Looking for new feelings: Reda Rewoolution is a feeling of wellness and energy. The constant athletic practice gives a flow of energy that ensures the perfect balance among body, mind and soul. From here the female idea that has inspired the new wellness line of Reda Rewoolution is born. Items designed to offer the maximum comfort during physical activity and, at the same time, to extend the same feeling of wellness in every moment of the day.

The fluid and sinuous lines melt with the soft and delicate pastel colors, such as the Cream and the Pink Haze, proposed on versatile and elegant models like the Nirguna, the sweater realized in 100% Redactive® Merino Jersey with ¾ sleeves and the Loka, the sweater with a wide and harmonious neckline. To accompany this very last product, the Darling Jacket: an innovative re-interpretation in a “Reda Rewoolution” style of a classic from the winter wardrobe: the quilted down jacket realized with fine wools Redactive® Tecno Gabardine and fibers derived from sweet corn: a marvelous alternative to synthetic items.

“Hold your garment, touch it, caress it, try it on: does it feel like ordinary wool? No, this is Rewoolution. It’s a meeting between the great Italian textile tradition and the most innovative manufacturing technology. It is everything an athlete has always wanted. It can’t be described. It can only be experienced.”

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