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ROCK EXPERIENCE at ISPO With “Rock Experience Feels The Planet”

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There has been an increase in the turnover of 300%, an increase of more than 100% in the summer sales, and over 150 stores in Italy: Rock Experience presents itself at ISPO with significant data but also with important innovations.
First of all Rock Experience Feels the Planet, a quality brand and an environmental project of the company, which this year has created the new collection Save the Water, made with the technology DryDye which allows a production with a very low environmental impact, without the use o water in the dyeing process of the fabric, and with a considerable energy saving.
Save The Water will be a total black ” capsule” in 2016, made with the best Rock Experience technology in terms of technological innovation.
Rock Experience presents at ISPO it’s collection and tells it’s spirit, always animated by the passion for the outdoors, having the ability to respond first of all to the customer’s needs because they share it: products created by runners for running, climbers for climbing, by mountain lovers for those who want to fully enjoy the mountain.
From trail running to trekking, from technical climbing to the active dimension, up to the trip and the adventure. That’s the peer of Rock Experience: passion, experience and, of course, rock! This is the philosophy of Rock Experience!
There are five collections that will be the key players at ISPO : Mountain, Save the Water, Active, Trail and Junior, with innovations concerning colors and style, but also to the technological development of the garments and products.
New materials, new technologies, solutions designed to make the perfect outfits for outdoor sports, to make them become the perfect solution for the sportsmen needs. Color is the protagonist as always, a real distinctive element in the Rock Experience collections: only the Save the Water “capsule” is distinguished by the choice of the total black. Among the new features of 2016, there is the new Rock Experience logo, a development which represents the dynamism, energy and the vital vibrations behind the brand. An “R” which blends in with an arrow, a form which resembles a bolt and a climbing hand. The tradition and the experience of the team is transformed into positive energy and in movement: the Rock Experience staff has worked for months to capture, in one design, the essence of a philosophy.

Rock Experience was born in 2012 from the long experience of Fashion Victims, a structure that over the years has become an exclusive partner of major brands of sportswear and fashion. A strong team and a great experience have been the starting point in order to face a new challenge, the brand Rock Experience.
The specialization phase in the technical products has brought great results since the beginning. Passion and commitment are at the basis of a project that has all it takes to join the leading outdoor market, primarily thanks to the high quality products.
The 2015 data show that the strategies adopted for the products and communication are paying off, with a turnover increase of 300% in 2015, an increase of more than 100% in the summer sales, and over 150 stores in Italy.
Rock Experience offers to it’s consumer a tool to fully enjoy the mountain, the outdoor spirit and passion. Through the four seasons, Rock Experience is a synonymous of “performance and style” and aims to set a new feeling for the mountain world and beyond with the new collections.
Pioneering spirit, true passion for the outdoors and a complete and optimal management of the production chain: this is the winning mix of Rock Experience.
In 2016 there will also be the inauguration of the new headquarters in Lecco, built with the respect of the environment and energy saving, as well as offering the team a welcoming and operating workspace.

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