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A selection of shoes featuring a Michelin sole that will accompany you to rediscover the nature

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After this long lockdown, travelling means finally reconnecting with nature and outdoor sports, open spaces where the rules of social distancing are naturally respected and find happiness and balance. What better occasion to dedicate time practicing our favourite sport?

Find here a selection of shoes featuring a Michelin Sole that will accompany you to rediscover and enjoy all the nature around us.


The innovative shoe to help avoid running injuries combines an intelligent midsole with a high performing outsole to deliver an optimal running experience. The goal is to reduce overstriding and discomfort, and maximise performance on unforgiving surfaces. Joe Nimble and Michelin have co-developed the ideal density that allows runners to take shorter strides with a higher cadence, but keep the centre of gravity when the foot is being placed on the ground. The sole is in EVA midsole and rubber tread with flex grooves and zero heel (ball and heel of the foot on one level).


Designed to seamless perform on both land and sea, Vivobarefoot developed an algorithm that mimics natural growth patterns found in oceanic ‘brain coral’ structures. This distinctive pattern was used to create a lightweight cage that achieves breathability, flexibility with protection allowing water drainage with every step on land or stroke in water. True to the Vivobarefoot minimalist design ethos, this structure uses minimal amounts of materials to maximise durability, performance, quality and that tipical vivo-bare-footwear feeling. The sole is designed in partnership with Michelin, blending their technical expertise with Vivobarefoot’s focus on a natural foot shape to create the lightest, fastest and grippiest rubber on the planet, so your feet can stick to the earth at every step.
Swimrun is a discipline in which the sole plays a leading role. Unlike other sports with only one type of terrain, swimrun requires a tread pattern that enables maximum performance on different types of dry terrain – asphalt, trail, sand – both in wet and dry conditions. That’s why the sole, co-developed by Michelin Soles and Vivobarefoot, thanks to the sticky compound guarantees high performance and excellent adherence on low-friction surfaces in wet and dry conditions. The specific tread design, developed exclusively for the brand, allows major traction, adherence and adaptability to different terrains, including the most irregular ones. It’s all a game of synergy between the different sculptures of the sole.





The KM1 is a comfortable and lightweight cycling shoe tested and developed during the most difficult marathons. Thanks to the engineered knit structure of the new upper, which eliminates pressure points, it is extremely breathable and guarantees unique comfort. It also features the BOA Fit IP1 closure System. The carbon soles with rubber inserts, developed in partnership with Michelin, are equipped with Dual Layer Compound technology: a softer layer increases flexibility by working as an independent suspension, and a more rigid layer offers traction and greater resistance to abrasions. The blocks in the heel area are strong and allow greater resistance, the blocks in the toe area are more aggressive and offer major traction and protection, and finally the blocks on the sides ensure more grip and control.



The Camber Crank model from Etnies is a completely new performing cycling shoe equipped with Michelin soles. The shoe is dedicated to all MTB and BMX cyclists and is inspired by the three-time Red Bull Rampage champion Brandon Semenuk.The latter has been designed to guarantee up to three times more grip and is characterized by a tread with reinforced toe and heel. The Camber model is perfect if you are looking for additional grip on your pedals, a rigid and resistant sole and, at the same time, more traction when riding on more aggressive trails and tracks. Other important features are the abrasion-resistant nubuck upper, the gusseted tabs to keep out of the water and a secret tongue pocket to store the laces.



The G-Hurricane is ideal for those who are looking for a functional and technical product for both racing and training. The list of features is extensive: an upper made from soft laser-perforated microfiber with mesh inserts for excellent breathability; an exclusive outsole, developed by Michelin and inspired by the MICHELIN XM27 tire, which guarantees the right mix of performance, resistance, support and lightness. The carbon structure ensures excellent strength and pedalling power. The rubber inserts are made from a compound designed to guarantee high performance and abrasion resistance and the tread design provides excellent grip, traction and self-cleaning; Two specific areas on the tip of the outsole allow the insertion of cleats, exchangeable in different colours. The BOA L6 System guarantees a perfect fit.

Other features: external air ventilation in the heel area; reflex inserts in the back of the shoe for excellent visibility in poor light conditions; removable and breathable insole with a special anatomical design which stimulates the cyclist’s foot and improves the performance. G-Hurricane has been tested by the most demanding bikers and represents the best in terms of technology and innovation.



For the SS2020 season, Northwave introduces a new colouring for the men model and a new female model: the Clan WMN. The Northwave Clan line is equipped with a welded upper, with large breathable mesh inserts that guarantee abrasion-resistance. Welded TPU reinforcements on the toe and heel offer optimal impact protection, whilst the EVA midsole provides efficient shock absorption and the mesh tongue with customized padding combines protection and breathability. Non-stretch laces are easily stowed in the elasticated pocket. The exclusive sole, designed by Michelin, features the innovative Northwave flat system that has been developed to deliver optimal control. The tread compound ensures incredible grip on the pedals and protective support to the plantar arch and the adaptive TPU shank with openings and calibrated stiffness ensure greater control and support.



The Shimano XC9 is dedicated to x-country and cyclocross. It is a light and comfortable shoe, perfect for any off-road competitor. The exclusive Michelin sole minimizes weight and, at the same time, offers incredible transmission and ensures maximum transfer of power from the muscles to the pedals. The lower overall height of the sole allows the foot to stabilize while pedaling downhill. The carbon fiber midsole is very thin and this helps to limit the dispersion of power in the pushing phase. The shoe fits like a glove, thanks to the surround one piece, with a tapered lower section, a rounded heel and a thin toe. The BOA IP1 closure system allows precise and fast fit. From this season, the shoe is available in a new colour: silver.

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