Summer Experience 2013: Looking for the perfect line

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Ferrino is always on the move, ready for new challenges, and working and experimenting on new products. Hence the need and the willingness to create together with the climber Marzio Nardi from Turin, a new line of apparels specifically designed for bouldering: pants, sweaters and accessories…Rock Slave.

Products which tell
 of days lost on climbing, hours spent on flipping through a guide or sweating in front of a video.
 They are just pants shirts and other small items which are there to tell the story 
of a full time passion which has driven my life over the last 25 years and has made me a well aware and happy slave”. (Marzio Nardi)

“ROCK SLAVE, is the name Ferrino will give to the line dedicated to the world of climbing and I was appointed to set the guidelines for this new project. Climbing is toward the top, but climbing is one of the most transversal sport: a competition, a climbing wall, a rock in a wood, a crack of a few meters or a route of a hundred meters … Nothing is the same, nothing is different”. (Marzio Nardi)

Available in the shops from March 2014, Rock Slave starts off by organizing with its official team the Summer eXPerience. The purpose of this meeting is to let its participating climbers live unique experiences in locations and situations which are always challenging to look for our own perfect line, be it on a block, a trad climbing or a new route.
A completely independent base camp prepared with Ferrino equipment shall host the climbers for a week in a top secret location, where everything is to be explored.
A dedicated blog shall tell day by day the stories out coming during this experience and the climbers present in the camp will be available on our social channels so all of us can participate in their adventure.

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