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HANWAG – Summer Footwear With a Perfect Fit

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Since  the company was founded in 1921, HANWAG has been dedicated to making the perfect fit. After all, poorly-fitting footwear can be unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable. The last (a representation of the foot around which a shoe is made) determines the shape of a shoe or boot and also the kind activities that it is suitable for. For example, alpine boots designed for climbing generally have a much closer fit than say, lightweight boots for hiking.

Many of the boots and shoes in our categories for different activities are available in a number of specific fits made over different special lasts. These lasts are: the Wide Last, the Narrow Last, the Bunion Last and the StraightFit Last for additional comfort. This is in addition to the standard HANWAG comfortable Trekking Last. As such, we have the right fit for everyone.
Find your last: Have a look at our special last videos.

HANWAG’s Trek Light category footwear provides optimal comfort – for travelling, longer walks or hiking with a (day) pack. Our Trek Light models are lighter than our classic Trekking category boots and have a highly flexible sole construction that allows the foot to roll smoothly. This applies to all models, whether made over our standard last or one of our special lasts.
Click here for our Trek Light models.