The Blockchain Revolution. Interview with Richard Kastelein

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We are at the 1994 stage of the Internet with Blockchain… it’s the Wild West with over a billion euro raised for new Blockchain startups in May and June of 2017 alone. The Blockchain is so much more than an isolated technology –  its power is that it enables people to organize themselves in new and different ways.

The Blockchain is about truth. It’s about decentralising trust and taking it from the hands of a few and into the hands of many…. distributed by cyberspace, gamed by code and made honest by algorithms.

It has math. It has computer science. It has cryptography. It has economics. It has political and social philosophy.​ It’s not easy to understand – it’s highly complex, but it’s important to understand because ​it’s going to affect all industries including the outdoor industry. How? From payment systems to supply chain and provenance… from privacy to loyalty programmes and more. Richard Kastelein, publisher of Blockchain News and Blockchain Instructor for Oracle takes us on a journey to help to understand this new phenomenon.

Interview: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.