Mark Held about the OutDoor by ISPO:
“The new trade fair is not going to be multisport”

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With the OutDoor by ISPO Launch Conference, the outdoor industry has entered a new period. As we know, the kick-off marked the official start of the relocation of the “OutDoor” brand from Friedrichshafen to Munich. The trade fair will be held under the new brand name OutDoor by ISPO.

During the videointerview, Mark Held (General Secretary of EOG) explains the key concept that supports this change: outdoor Industry is changing a lot and EOG needs to maximize the potential of trade fairs. The industry and its shows need to adapt to new forms of exhibit, comunicate, retail,etc.. but it is also necessary to be much relaxed about the definition of “outdoor”. The new traid fair is not going to be multisport…

Watch the video interview.

Interview: Andrea Bianchi.
Filming and Editing: Simone Enei.