“On the Trails of the Glaciers” interview with Fabiano Ventura and Anna Ferrino

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On the Trails of the Glaciers the photographic exhibition set up at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna di Torino (Italy), was born from the collaboration between Fabiano Ventura (professional photographer) and Ferrino. The aims of the exhibition are: to make visible and evident the effects of climate change on the mountain context and, through comparison with the museum’s exhibits, to enhance the historical and cultural heritage.

In retracing the history of the glaciers, the exhibition also relives in parallel the evolution of the Turin-based company, which in the course of its 150 years of history has distinguished itself by supporting the adventurous spirit of outdoor enthusiasts, but also by supporting various scientific expeditions.

Interview, shooting and editing: Mirko Sotgiu.

INFO: Ferrino