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Wild Tee Presents the Capsule Collection

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wild tee

Wild Tee and Five Land (Murder Skateboarding) are proud to present their first collaboration with an exclusive Capsule Collection. The graphics of the well known Wild Tee’s wolf, eagle and bear have been reinterpreted by Andrea Mozzato from “Officina Infernale”.

All the Tees are limited so be sure to get yours since these are going to be like a Cult Comics issue.The usual Wild Tee Quality to explore your wildest side! Stay Wild!

WILD BEAR MEN TECH T-SHIRT No compromise. An angry graphic, exactly like a punk song. Straight and Sharp as a fastcore song with all the energy of the wildest nature. This Bear, designed especially for you by Andrea Mozzato, for our capsule with Five Lands, does not settle for honey.

WILD WOLF MEN TECH T-SHIRT A Wild soul in a stylish body. The wolf from our Capsule with Five Lands, designed by Andrea Mozzato, is a concentrate of power and energy. Perfect for solo runners, straight edge, creative angry kids and for everyone who runs without rules.

WILD EAGLE MEN TECH T-SHIRT Ideal for intense running sessions, races, canyons, deserts, and for the adventures where you’ve already passed your limits by far. The awakened eagle by Andrea Mozzato, for our capsule with Five Land, will follow you like a shadow.
Buzzards wait until you’re exhausted to attack you, wait for the right moment to drop on our opponents.

Wild Tee summer 2018 collection on Mountainblog Europe.