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Winter 2024.25

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kask helmett


KASK has developed a new experience for ski enthusiasts with the Vibes helmet line, featuring an integrated audio system that allows you to make and receive calls and listen to your favorite playlist by using Bluetooth® 5.2 Conference Technology. All through simple voice commands, and without the need to get the mobile phone out. This solution certainly doesn’t compromise on safety, a cornerstone of KASK, since the bone-conduction audio system leaves the ears unimpeded and free to pick up any noises from their surroundings. The battery has an estimated duration of over eight hours of continuous use (depending on external temperature), potentially increasing to 17 if used for calls only, 20 for just music and an incredible 625 hours when left on standby.

The Piuma-R helmet stands out primarily for its comfort. The integrated Visor ensures a wide field of vision, which can easily be removed and changed thanks to the One-Move system on the side of the helmet. The lens serves a dual purpose: on the one hand, it protects the eyes from the sun’s rays, and on the other, it ensures visual clarity by reducing the risk of fogging to zero.

Vibes is not available as a spare accessory, but it is included on all Piuma-R helmets in the Vibes line.

The Piuma-R Vibes, available in 13 sizes, has a suggested retail price starting from 550,00 Euros, while the Piuma-R helmets (without the Vibes option) are available starting from a price of 400,00 Euros.