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Kilo Boot
Winter 2024.25

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la sportiva Kilo Boot

The Kilo boot is designed for the most demanding ski mountaineer, conceived and developed for maximum uphill lightness without sacrificing downhill performance.

The shell and cuff are both made of Grilamid Bio Based LF Carbon™, an innovative formulation for this product. The new Force™ shell closure system allows you to best distribute and regulate the fit on the foot, for extra comfort when climbing and precision when descending. The closing hook on the leg is easy-to-handle and the Force™ Power Buckle gives maximum support when you want to push downhill. As for the rest, every detail has been developed to be functional, simple and minimal, tipping the scales at just 1000g!

• Attachment compatibility: Tech – AT
• Inclination: 12° – 14°
• Last:100,5
• Angle: 70°
• Force® Closure System
• Grilamid Bio Carbon
• Comfortable shape and fit
• Leg adjustable in two inclinations (12°-14°)
• Force® Strand – Additional leg closure strap
• Ski & Walk mechanism (update Vnaguard- DH)
• Technopolymer lever arm and toe
• Inner sock
• Sole: Frixion Wave Alpine.


1. Grilamid Bio Based LF Carbon™ Shell: innovative composite material developed ad hoc, allows excellent rigidity while minimising weight. Extra ribs at the points of greatest stress to guarantee strength, reliability and performance.
2. Grilamid Bio Based LF Carbon™ Cuff: same innovative material as the shell to provide the support needed when pushing downhill. 70° range of motion for a smooth and fast climb. Two inclinations for positioning in descent mode.
3. FORCE™ Closure System: innovative shell closure system, allows extra comfort when climbing and maximum precision when descending.
4. TILT-LOCK LITE™ Ski/Walk System: ski-walk mechanism that’s extremely easy to use even in the worst weather conditions and wearing gloves. Easy, fast, precise and extremely reliable.
5. FORCE™ Power Buckle this micro-adjustable strap gives extra support band in the big push downhill 6. WarmSole™ Platform: internal insole in insulating polyurethane. It prevents the foot coming into direct contact with the inner shell, for greater comfort and perfect thermal insulation.
– FriXion® Wave Alpine™: ultra lightweight sole for maximum grip on snow and rock, with extra shell protection in the centre.
– O2 KILO Liner: thermo-mouldable liner specifically designed to be as lightweight as possible while ensuring warmth and support. Soft and ergonomic, thanks to the variable thicknesses and differentiated materials that combine to ensure outstanding comfort and performance.

– Man: Liner 200g (half pair) 1000g 1/2 pair(including liner) – size: 26.5
– Woman: Liner 170g (1/2 pair) 915g ½ pair (including liner) – size 24.5

– Man: 24-31,5 MONDO POINT (INC. 1/2 SIZES)
– Woman: 23-27,5 MONDO POINT (INC. ½ SIZES)