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Ondra Comp Climbing Shoes
Winter 2024.25

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la sportiva climbing shoes

Ondra Comp is the climbing shoe developed with the technical support of Adam Ondra.
Every detail has been meticulously tested and refined by the best climber in the world to be extremely high performing in the three most common modern bouldering moves: smearings, toe hooks and even the trickiest heel hooks.

The new construction concept guarantees the climber maximum grip and sensitivity even on the most dynamic climbs. The structure of the shoe is designed to allow the foot to stretch out and bring as much of the sole surface as possible into contact with the foot hold.

The new patented and exclusive-use technology of La Sportiva, SenseGrip™ revolutionizes the concept of bouldering shoe.

The half-sole and the rubber toe cap are made with this innovative technology embedding the foot hold and ensuring maximum adaptability and grip of the shoe on every kind of surfaces. Ondra Comp: don’t compromise on your performance.


• Upper: Microfibre with suede leather
• Lining: None
• Midsole: LaSpoFlex 1.1 mm only underneath the toes end + P3 System
• Sole: Vibram® XS Grip2 3,5 mm with La Sportiva SenseGrip™ Technology
• Patent: SenseGrip™ Technology; P3 System™
• Weight: 210g half pair.

• Vibram® XS Grip2 3,5 mm with La Sportiva SenseGrip™ Technology.
• Patented SenseGrip™ technology on the sole and rubber toe cap, the areas of the shoe which in modern bouldering must guarantee maximum grip and adaptability to different holds.
• 1.1mm midsole positioned exclusively under the climber’s toes to maximize the level of support even on the smallest holds.
• New construction concept that allows the foot to stretch out inside the shoe to maximize the weight distribution area and grip on the holds.
• Weight: 210g half pair
• Sizes: 33 – 46 + ½
• 100% recycled elastic
• Internal reinforcements of the upper in recycled materia
• Heel webbing in recycled material.