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Prodigio PRO
Summer 2025

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Prodigio Pro running

Prodigio Pro running shoe is the newest tool design by La Sportiva for ultramarathoners, trail runners, and competitors looking to achieve their fastest results. The XFlow Speed™ midsole provides high-level rebound and shock absorption, increasing the power with every step to achieve a new. The cutting-edge Power Wire Technology Wrapping System provides an exact fit, enhanced stability, and powerful energy transfer for a much-needed boost on long trails. Now,

you can run flat out, knowing the Prodigio Pro supports you over any distance. The knit lining also improves the ankle fit to keep stones out while providing extra support. To give added confidence on difficult traverses, La Sportiva added Rubber Metatarsal Protection. These rubber side panels amplify stability and protect the mid-foot to conquer every section of the trail.

For precision and maximum responsiveness when training or competing, reach for the Prodigio Pro.