Sustainable packaging? Interview with Vivian Loftin

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What should the outdoor industry know about sustainable packaging?

Packaging is used to protect outdoor products during transport from manufacturer to consumer and, although its environmental impact is small compared to that of the product inside, it is often the first contact the consumer has with the product and can therefore play a significant part in reinforcing the product’s sustainable credentials. In this interview, Vivian Loftin, packaging expert and an industry representative  presents the concept of sustainable packaging, the impact of material choice versus waste handling systems, and how best the industry can address their packaging. Watch the video interview:

Vivian Loftinstudied International Cultural & Business Studies in Germany and her work experience has been mostly in the areas of intercultural exchange (e.g. in Mexico). Through an innovation project in 2019 on the theme “Waste – Be Circular,” she met her co-founders and began working on the idea for Recyda. Recyda: Our startup (founded in 2020) develops software solutions for the Circular Economy of packaging. Today, Vivian leads, among other things, the Communication department.



Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.

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