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Ternua presents the SS 24 Trekking Line: Highly Versatile and Eco-Designed Technical Garments.

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The Spanish whale tail brand, a leader in the outdoor textile industry because of their sustainable innovation applied to products, has designed a trekking line that combines multi-functionality, technology and design for the coming spring-summer. If we had to choose a word to define our approach to the clothing it would be ecodesign, a way working where the how comes before the what that Ternua has been using in their work processes since their beginnings in 1994. The Trekking line is Ternua’s largest line. It has highly technical products where technology is put to the service of the functionality of the garments. Sustainable innovation is applied and recycled or Bluesign certified textiles are used, in addition to PFC water repellent treatments and very innovative and environmentally friendly anti-bacterial treatments.

Even though there are new pieces, like the TESLIN (second layer that provides warmth), and VALDUR (waterproof) jackets and the KUSOFIT LITE and FELKIN pants (with a Bermuda version), the restyling of highlights of the line should be pointed out. Those products, like KARS JKT, KIMO JKT or VERKOM JKT for men and women, were already in past seasons and they’ve been given continuity because they were popular with stores and customers. There are three models with diverse functionality made of different eco textiles that are very versatile and combinable with other pieces from other lines. So, for example, KARS JKT, which uses Sheltec Active Flex technology, is designed to especially protect from the rain. The KIMO JKT, on the other hand, that has a Warmshell Breathe inner textile and Microshell outer textile, is more focused on insulation and stopping the wind. And the VERKOM JKT made with Stormfleece Pro has the triple function of protecting from the wind, cold and rain. All of those garments are also lightweight, breathable and compactible and they’re perfect for carrying in a backpack because they don’t take up much space.

Insofar as pants, the ROTOR PANT for men and women and the VAXLAR PANT for men, that are made with textiles from the Redcycle project (recycled fishing nets from northern Spain), are also continued. All the pants have long and short versions. The garments are very tough, breathable and fast drying and they’re proof that technicity and sustainability can go hand in hand.

And in the t-shirt section, for the entire range Ternua used Polygiene anti-bacterial treatment that stops the growth of fungus and bacteria that causes foul odors at its origin. It uses low concentrations of silver chloride recycled from rolls of film or x-rays that have anti-microbial properties and the laboratory results show a very high degree of odor control during the useful life of the garment, which is important for athletes when doing activities in the mountains.

The line of work started by the R&D department should also be noted insofar as they have sought to use mono-materials where the use of a single material in the garments means they can be recycled in their totality at the end of their life cycle. In the SS24 Trekking line there are two eco-designed products with a single component. They are the RAKKER JKT for men and the BERLANA JKT for women, which are second layers made entirely of recycled polyester that will have a new life after the end of their useful stage.

In figures, 90% of the Trekking garments use Bluesign certified textiles which validates that the clothing made by Ternua meet the highest standards of functionality, respect for the environment, a commitment to future generations and health and safety. Likewise, 100% of the water repellent treatments used for the products in the collection are PFC free, which means they don’t contain substances that are toxic for the environment. Ternua made that commitment in 2018 when they became the first Spanish outdoor brand to eliminate PFCs from their water repellent treatments.

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