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Ternua Designs a Renewed SS 2025 Adrenalite Line, Performance and 100% Circular

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ternua summer 2025 collection
· All the garments in it are mono-material and they are made with recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials.
· Technical details, comfort, compactibility, aesthetics and colorfulness characterize this line for the upcoming warm season.

The Spanish whale tail brand, a leader in the outdoor textile industry because of their sustainable innovation applied to products, is at the forefront of manufacturing circular garments, including in their most technical lines like Adrenalite. Focused on high-intensity aerobic sports like trail running, fast hiking or e-biking, this line stands out because of the high degree of technicality of the garments, where factors like lightness, transpirability and a high level of compactibility are key.

For the upcoming spring-summer season, 100% of this line is made up of circular products, that means all the garments are mono-material and they are made with recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. It is designed with the end of the useful life of the garments in mind, so they can be completely recycled when they are no longer being used, which provides a response to the current challenges faced by the textile industry, which is the second most polluting industry in the world. Their water-repellent treatments are also PFC free, and the antibacterial treatments used for the products (S-Café and Polygiene) are environmentally friendly, and at the same time they are highly effective, and ensure unique protection for users in a sustainable way. Durability is another characteristic of Adrenalite clothing, and it is achieved through a rigorous selection of highly functional and innovative textiles.

TERNUA has completely renewed this line for the upcoming warm season. They have added new garments, colors and highly functional strategic details. If up to now they paid close attention to the details of every garment, emphasizing flat seams, reflective prints to improve visibility, chin protectors to prevent zipper chafing, cuffs finished with elastic trim for a perfect fit, thumbholes or quick-close zippers, in their SS 25 collection they have added a chest button on the jackets so they do not move away from the body very much during the activity, they have improved the lower fit of the garments and a more functional hood has been designed. They have started using lighter materials to improve the compactibility of the garments, and added new extra ventilation points and wider waists for the pants and easy to use adjustments. The garments have bright colors. For men, the oranges, blues, maroons and blacks can be pointed out and, for women, pink, blue and white. All the colors were chosen to be perfectly mix and matchable.

Insofar as new garments, we can highlight the HELIUM JKT, which was designed in Microshell with Warmshell Breathe, and the LITE version (only Microshell), which is a very light, breathable and water-resistant (though not waterproof) technical
jacket. The CYCLONE PRO jkt is a new improved version of the CYCLONE from other seasons. It is an iconic rain jacket that is extremely compactible, ultra light and very multipurpose. For second layers, we are presenting the KRIPTON family (½ zip version with half a front zipper and the whole zipper and hood version), that is made with Warmshell Breathe, which provides warmth and fast drying. The LITHIUM family of pants is also new. It has long pants, Bermudas and shorts, and there is a skirt format for women. They are made with a very strong Shellstretch that is lightweight and ventilated. The t-shirts have also been renewed, with the NEON TEE models (Dryshell Breathe textile + SCafé antibacterial treatment), and RADON TEE, which has the same textile and technologies but with a half zipper on the front. Both are extremely lightweight and breathable. The line is complemented with the ATOM shorts for men and the ALLOY leggings and shorts for women, which have a minimalist design but are very strong, fresh and lightweight thanks to the Shellstretch textile.

The line has 23 garments, with a high degree of technology that is combined with an attractive look that carries the Ternua seal, which ensures singular quality, sustainability and design.