BLACKYAK: Origin and Mission
Videointerview with Mr. Kang, Tae Sun

Published by Mountainblog on .

Interviews: Andrea Bianchi
Video shooting and editing: Davide Dal Mas and Andrea Monticelli


“Yaks live in the Himalayan Mountains and benefit people in many ways: they give wool, food and they are also perfect for riding or transporting large and heavy loads. Yak is the best friend of the mountain climber”. This is the origin of BLACKYAK as Mr. Kang, Tae Sun (Chairman and CEO BLACKYAK) tells to our microphones. During the video interview, he also describes the goals and distinctive features that make BLACKYAK the best Korean outdoor brand.

BLACKYAK is looking at the European outdoor market as its new goal and it is getting ready to achieve it! At ISPO 2016, Maximilian Nortz (Managing Director BlackYak) describes how the Korean brand works to get the aim: new functions, different design and products. Watch the video interview here.