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C.A.M.P.’s Innovation Changes Ice Climbing

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From the Hummingbird to the X-Dream ice axes, the Footfang and Blade Runner crampons: C.A.M.P. has been breaking the ground of ice climbing, crafting highly pioneering tools. The evolution of ice climbing keeps on living through our products, which are simply a must for enthusiasts at any level. The X-Dream and the Blade Runner are also extremely versatile, and guarantee exceptional performance from extreme dry tooling to the classic north faces. C.A.M.P. does not forego innovation in its accessories, either, such as the X-Gyro Leash with its patented swivel system which avoids sling tangling, enhancing comfort and safety. Speaking of which, we recommend the Speed 2.0 helmet for ice climbing.

The X-Dream combines two tools in one – a unique tool for technical ice and an aggressive dry tooling machine. This ice axe not only features 3 different picks for various terrain, but it also incorporates an adjustment system in the ergonomic handle to fine tune the swing and torque even further. A quick turn of the allen bolt above the grip allows the tool to be switched between Dry and Ice positions by changing the angle of the handle in relation to the angle of the pick. In the Dry position, the handle kicks upward for a more down and out pull. The Ice position drops the handle for a more natural swing. Weight: 600 g

CASSIN Blade Runner
The Blade Runner opens a new era in technical crampons. The heel slide integrates the linking bar with the heel piece for better torsional rigidity. This allows the Blade Runner to offer the best of both worlds by combining the power and stability of vertical frame crampons with the precision and ease of adjustment of horizontal frame designs. The heel slide is constructed from Sandvik Nanoflex® steel that allows for a reduction in the thickness of the frame, providing the right amount of longitudinal flexibility for a precise fit on boots with more extreme rocker. Weight: 1015 g (910 g without anti-balling plates).

CASSIN X-Gyro Leash
The innovative X-Gyro lanyard system uses a patented swivel design (see the picture) that allows each attachment point (harness + left axe + right axe) to rotate completely independently from the others. This means no more tangles and no more twisting. The rewind elastic webbing cords stretch easily for swinging and contract back to their original length to keep them out of the way. 2 sizes: 85/129 cm (133 g) and 92/147 cm (142 g).

CAMP Speed 2.0
The Speed helmet was designed specifically for competitive ski-mountaineering and climbing at the highest levels. The profiled fit combines with the minimal weight for a helmet that climbers and skiers often say they forget they are even wearing. An external polycarbonate shell reduces the amount of exposed structural Styrofoam for improved durability and 22 streamlined vent holes make it exceptionally cool when moving fast in the mountains.
Weight: 270 g