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Dyon, Matik, Energy: Innovation And Lightness at The Crag

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Innovation paired with lightness: these are CAMP goals, undertaken accepting the most exciting challenges.
Inspired by climbers like Stefano Ghisolfi and Janja Garnbret, always pushing their boundaries, we strive to craft objects which go the extra mile. For example, the new Dyon carabiner, featuring a patented closure, combining the advantages of a wire gate with the keylock system, redefining the state of the art in a category where novelties never seem to come by. The most demanding climbers will simply not forego our Matik belay device, featuring an emergency system and a low impact force, and the Energy harness, with an updated design gaining consensus with a wider and wider audience.

CAMP Dyon Express KS

CAMP Matik
The assisted braking action of the Matik derives from an innovative camming design that lowers the impact force of a fall making the device safe and easy on the
climber, the belayer, the anchor and the rope. When lowering, the proprietary Anti-Panic system helps prevent one of the most common accidents occurring with
the use of an assisted-braking device – losing control of the descent. This safety feature is particularly useful where there is little friction from rope drag between
the belayer and the climber or during top-down descents. Other distinguishing features of the Matik include an improved method for inserting the rope that
eliminates the possibility of clipping a carabiner to the device until it is completely closed, and robust construction with a hot-forged aluminum main body and
precision-cast stainless steel for the critical components that come in contact with the rope. Weight: 276 g

CAMP Energy
A lightweight and comfortable harness designed for rock climbing at every level. The design of the Energy makes it a great choice for any kind of climbing from gym to sport to trad. The thermoformed padding molds to the body for exceptional comfort and a profiled fit. The leg loops feature sliding buckles that make them
adjustable but not openable. By blending the benefits of fixed and adjustable construction, the leg loops on the Energy are light, very safe, comfortable and
versatile. Four webbing-reinforced gear loops and a haul loop round out the features on this striking harness. 2 colours available. Weight: 315 g (M size).