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Elan Reduces Weight and Smoothens the ride with New Ibex Touring Skis

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Elan Skis handcrafting 100% manufactured skis in the Alps for over 70 years, understands the high demands of a backcountry tour adventure, where weight and performance are equally important. The all-new Elan Ibex ski collection is designed to achieve both demands without compromise.

August 23, 2016 - Portillo, Chile: Jas Korsic skiing and enjoying a sunny day in Portillo.

Five new models complete the Ibex collection and all range in the mid-fat category from 84mm to 94mm underfoot, wide enough to maximize the downhill performance, but also minimize the uphill weight. Each model features Elan’s Bridge Technology, which creates a unique 3D shape for torsional stability and naturally sheds snow to keep the uphill carry light. The 3D shape is produced by a thin Tubelight core, two carbon tubes are routed along the skis’ perimeter, topped with an AluPlate for screw retention in the mid-body and lightweight Vapor Tip inserted in the forebody for reduced weight and vibrations, creating a strong, light and smooth performance.

The Ibex 84XTL and Ibex 94XTL boasts a lighter construction by reducing the weight of the core with a Carbon Power Shell, a tip to tail carbon layer. Opposed to applying carbon on a flat ski, the Carbon Power Shell applied on the 3D shape of the Ibex chassis enhances carbon’s natural strength for an overall lighter and stronger ski.

IBEX_IMG_5205 photoElan

The five new models include:

Ibex 94 Carbon XLT, Ibex 94 Carbon

  • Geometry: 130/94/111
  • Length cm (Radius M): 163 (19.9), 170(20.1), 177 (21.2), 184 (22.7)
  • Weight: Carbon XLT: 1150g @163cm/ Carbon: 1350g @163cm

Ibex 84 Carbon XLT, Ibex 84 Carbon and Ibex 84

  • Geometry: 118/84/103
  • Length cm (Radius M): 156 (16.5), 163 (17.5), 170 (18.5), 177 (19.5)
  • Weight: Carbon XLT: 1,000g @ 163cm/ Carbon: 1,200g @163cm/ Ibex 84: 1,290g @163cm.