EUROJERSEY: Sea Turtles Rescue Center in WWF Oasi of Policoro

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Eurojersey and WWF Italy strengthen their cooperation with a good initiative: this year the company has chosen to symbolically adopt the Sea Turtles Rescue Center present in the WWF Oasi of Policoro.

The protected area of the WWF, which is located in the province of Matera, covers about 21 hectares inside the Regional Natural Reserve and contains one of the last coastal flooded forests of our country. The Recovery Center welcomes turtles rescued at sea by fishermen and harbor office: the staff of the Center is responsible for the care of these exemplary symbol of the Mediterranean, so they can go swimming again in our sea.

WWF has long been committed to the protection of sea turtles in order to protect the nesting sites, recover and reintroduce in the wild individuals in poor health after becoming entangled in fishing nets or injured by boats, and sensitizing the local institutions to involve them in the conservation of this extraordinary animal.

The special initiative dedicated to Policoro Center is part of a three-year partnership project between Eurojersey and WWF Italy, aimed to the preservation of the Mediterranean: stay tuned!

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