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Introducing Wildcat: Elan W. Studio’s Ultimate Ski for Today’s All- Mountain Skier

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Elan, handcrafted skis 100% made in the Alps for 75 years, introduces a fresh new collection for women skiers looking for the ideal pair of skis between two categories: all-mountain and freeride. Welcome to the new Wildcat, a ski collection designed for the best of both worlds to optimize and enhance the energy and performance of the female skier in any condition or terrain.

As the closest bridge to the Ripstick W collection, the Wildcat is the very first women’s all-mountain collection with Amphibio Truline W Technology, the most advanced asymmetrical ski design for women approved by Elan’s W Studio for the new Wildcat series.

Designed by women, the Wildcat takes on new territory with a modern approach to all-mountain skiing by fusing award-winning technologies with finely selected materials.  The slightly wider wood core chassis’ integrate carbon reinforcements, in the form of rods and inlays, for lightweight skis that maintain excellent strength and stability for efficient energy transfer and perfection in every turn for the female skier.

“The W Studio developed the Wildcat with you in mind, to maximize your good times shared on the mountain together,” says Global Product Director, Melanja Korošec. “They are the companions you want on a powder day or a groomer day, built to enhance the energy you bring.”

The Wildcat is comprised of four skis with three different waist width and varying materials, such as “CX” stands for carbon rods from the tip to tail. New for 2020/2021 collection is the Wildcat 86CX, 82CX, 82C and 76. All offered a system or flat ski.

As the widest ski in the series, the Wildcat 86 CX is the best of both worlds, ready to take on the soft, deeper snow on the backside of the mountain, or take on groomers with speed and stability.

Wildcat 86CX  

  • Dimensions: 127/86/113
  • Lengths:152, 158, 164, 170
  • Technology: Amphibio Truline Technology, SST sidewalls, Tubelite Woodcore, Carbon Rods
  • System: Power Shift/Flat


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