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Lagoped and DC sustainable jackets with Sympatex membrane

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Through its development and a close dialogue with customers, Sympatex would like to create a clothing industry that combines high each demand with the uncompromising responsibility for the coming generations.With its agenda 2020, the  German company aims at closing the ecological loop in the functional textile industry by 2020.Sympatex lays the ideal foundation for meeting this goal with the 100% recycled, PTFE and PFC-free Sympatex membrane which has been completely climate-neutral since 2017.

Already this year, the pioneer in the field of sustainable functional textiles offers its first laminates made from used textile materials acquired through a circular economy. The goal is to have within the next five years at least half of the raw materials necessary for its functional laminates originate from a circular textile supply chain and be fully recyclable again – and be 100% circular by 2030.

THE SYMPATEX MEMBRANE: Excellent comfort whatever the weather: waterproof, breathable, windproof

Lovers of the great outdoors have high demands for their clothing and shoes. They must keep their bodies dry whilst controlling the body temperature perfectly in all weather and regardless of activity level. There is nothing more unpleasant than wet and cold clothing. As leading provider of sustainable functional textiles, Sympatex has therefore developed a special membrane which is 100 percent waterproof, 100 percent windproof and optimally breathable – like a second skin. The membrane absorbs the water vapour and removes it through the clothing to the outside. And the best thing about it is: the Sympatex membranes “breathes” dynamically which means the higher the physical activity, the more efficient it works. Thus, functional textiles with a Sympatex membrane provide effective protection from low temperatures and rain. This keeps the body warm and dry even in extreme situations.

These are the latest outdoor products created by Lagoped and DC with Sympatex membrane:

Award-winning outdoor jacket with recycled and climate-neutral Sympatex membrane

The second generation of the recycled Eve jacket by Lagoped convinces with its sporty and sustainable features: it is 100% made in EU, woven and dyed in Ardèche, waterproof, windproof and breathable thanks to the recycled PFC and PTFE-free Sympatex membrane. It is also very lightweight, comfortable and perfect in windy, rainy or cold weather. An entirely environmentally friendly and functional all-weather product – no frills. It has even won several awards: most recently the French Outdoor Award 2020 in the “Responsible” category for the most sustainable innovation and the ISPO Award 2019 in gold in the “Outdoor” category.
Ecologically sustainable thanks to the 100% recyclable, PTFE and PFC-free and climate-neutral Sympatex membrane, which, with 100% waterproof and windproofness as well as optimum breathability, ensures perfect wearing comfort in all weather conditions.

DC relies on Sympatex for maximum performance and sustainability

The Command Shell snow jacket for men is the flagship of the packable DC Transistors collection. The DC outerwear range has been developed to withstand even the most harsh winter weather. It keeps winter sports enthusiasts at just the right temperature thanks to special insulation technology. The Command Jacket is a true lightweight and 100% waterproof and windproof thanks to the advanced, breathable and durable Sympatex membrane. The climate-neutral Sympatex membrane made of polyether/ester is completely free of PTFE and PFC and therefore 100% recyclable. The highly functional and versatile jacket therefore not only convinces with the newest tech features, but also with its sustainability. Ecologically sustainable thanks to the 100% recyclable, PTFE and PFC-free and climate-neutral Sympatex membrane, which guarantees impressive wearing performance with 100% waterproof and windproofness as well as optimum breathability.

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