Maloja and PrimaLoft® Insulation Down Blend at ISPO 2015 – Interview with Sven Köhler

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What is Maloja interpretation of PrimaLoft® Insulation Down Blend Technology? At ISPO 2015, Sven Köhler (Head of Production Maloja) illustrates the double purpose of using PrimaLoft® materials suitable both for technical (Valasela Jkt) and lifestyle (Telvet Jkt) garments.

PrimaLoft Performance Down Blend

25 years ago, PrimaLoft products originally developed as synthetic alternative to down, moving now into the second season with the new innovation of PrimaLoft® Performance Down Blend. It is a homogeneously blended hybrid insulation of water-repellent PrimaLoft® ultra-fine fibers and environmentally-safe treated premium down that maintains up to 95% of its warmth when wet, depending on Gold or Silver product series. More than 40 brand partners launched new collections with this innovative technology at ISPO. Each of them interpreting the PrimaLoft® Performance Down Blend technology differently into their collections, combining function with a sport fashion style or implemented into either a high technical mountaineering gear or generally for the outdoors and winter sports. All brand partners did a superb job of creating jackets, sleeping bags or gloves positioned with their brand values and for a specific activity. There are even solely fashion brands outside of the outdoor industry using the breakthrough hybrid innovation.

Interview: Andrea Bianchi
Video shooting and editing: Andrea Monticelli