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New Elan Element Skis Bring Constant Source of Balance and Control Through Groove Technology

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, handcrafted skis 100% made in the Alps for over 70 years, is committed to bringing “Always Good Times” to all skiers. The brand message translates into its product by harmonizing the motion of skiing with control and balance from Groove Technology found in Elan’s new Element skis.

Designed to boost confidence to new skiers and beyond, the Element skis help skiers find the stability they need to progress faster from sliding on snow to carving turns. Often times, skiers are challenged by balance management when overcompensating a turn, causing the transfer of weight to the forebody or tail of the skis. Made with rib-shaped energizers, Groove Technology creates a uniform flex profile with the right amount of forgiveness throughout the entire length of the ski to keep the skier centered and balanced.

In the new Elan Element skis, the Groove Technology works with the skis’ Parabolic Rocker Profile, which is when a generous amount of sidecut is combined with an early rise in the tip, allowing the skis to naturally turn with more ease and less effort. For force distribution and added integrity to the construction of the ski, a Carbon Power Shell is reinforced from edge to edge without compromising the weight of the entire set up.


“Elan is the only brand in the ski industry delivering product focused on fast progression for the avid skier,” said Melanja Šober, head of product management for Elan’s winter division.

We focused the innovation on real skiers. Simplifying their choices and improving a skier’s progression gets more people skiing and sharing unique experiences with friends and family.

The Element ski series is comprised of four skis, two for men and two for women, all featuring the same Groove Technology, Power Shell and Parabolic Rocker Profile, but with varying length options.

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