Outdoor Tourism Industry: What’s new? – Interview With Nick Chiarelli

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How is the perceptions of “leisure” and “leisure time” changing and how are the needs of the outdoor audience evolving?

Nick Chiarelli looks at changes to the consumer technology market and how consumers access information about destinations and offerings. This will create new opportunities and challenges to the outdoor tourism industry over the next 5 years.

Formerly with the BBC, Nick is a frequent performer in international business forums, notably for organisations such as ESOMAR and Unicef – bringing trends analysis into the heart of business strategy in North America, Europe and the Middle East. A member of the UK’s Market Research Society, Nick has contributed many articles on global consumerism to major trade press outlets. Nick joined the Foresight Factory in 2012 after tours of duty at director level with GfK Roper and Iconoculture. His specialism is consumer behaviour, measured and tracked on an international scale. His primary task is to guarantee that the company’s account director system is working to the direct commercial advantage of its clients.

Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli