Policy as a driver for Change: Interview with Jérôme Pero.

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The European Union is currently embarking on ambitious climate and circularity initiatives which will substantially impact the way in which we will do business responsibly in the future with sustainability initiatives becoming a vital business need to remain compliant. This interview will introduce new policy and legislative initiatives and discuss how they will directly impact business; how the future of business will change, how organisations must either adapt or face the consequences, and how businesses can respond to actively shape their future.


Jérôme Pero is the Secretary General of the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI). He represents the sporting goods sector in Europe and speaks for EU companies, national federations and retailers. He became Public Policy Director in 2015 and Board Member of the European Commission European Week of Sports Advisory Group in the same year. Jérôme Pero is also Member of the European Commission Advisory Board to improve economic and policy knowledge in the field of sport related industries, as well as observer at the Commission’s expert groups on Green Sports and COVID recovery.

Interviews: Jessica Ceotto
Video editing: Andrea Monticelli.