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Sensitive® Fabrics and NTT
Winter 2017.18

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EUROJERSEY <br /> Sensitive® Fabrics and NTT<br />Winter 2017.18

Tapes, artfully applied directly onto the flat surface of Sensitive® Fabrics to strategically highlight and support the body muscles, facilitate physical activity even in extreme and normally prohibitive conditions. Non restricting, they adapt naturally to the body and shape the silhouette with the right support and well calibrated pressure.

NTT (New Textile Technologies GmbH) uses its innovative patented SensElast® technology conferring maximum comfort and ease of movement to fabrics, combined with taping, an avant-garde method consisting in the skilled application of tape directly onto the flat surface of Sensitive® Fabrics. The latest development is SensElast® Dispense, a 3D textile silicone application which is directly dispensed onto the Sensitive® Fabrics  surface. An innovative system with a wide variety of applications and the ability to replace traditional construction methods associated with garment manufacturing such as creating firm yet flexible and comfortable underwire solutions so is particularly suitable for the Sports-underwear and Swimwear Sectors. Available in wide variety of finishes including velvet, and most recently with metallic pigments for a truly luxurious finish. The resulting active garments are endowed with extremely sophisticated systems of body mapping and sustaining solutions, engineered to exert differentiated pressure on particular muscular bands to facilitate performance.