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Winter poles BATURA
Winter 2019.20

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FERRINO <br /> Winter poles BATURA <br /> Winter 2019.20

The pole specific for winter activities is provided with 3 triangular telescopic sections made of aluminium alloy 7075 – ø18/16/13 mm. The anatomic anti-slip handle, which coating follows the first part of the first section allows quickly changes of the handle based on the type of ground. The tungsten tip gives it a great grip and the lever Lock & Go in aluminium permits you to set the length of the stick depending by what your activity is.

The characteristic that make this product unique,THE TRIANGULAR SECTION of this pole gives it added flexibility compared to the traditional round section shape. This greater flexibility also means greater strength for the pole, which will be better able to withstand loads and stresses. According to laboratory tests, the flexural strength values of a pole with a triangular section and a diameter of 16/14/12 mm will be increased by 20 to 50% in the respective sections (top +20%, centre +35% and bottom +50%) compared to the same pole with a round section.

WEIGHT: 600 g per pair
DIMENSIONS: from 62 cm to 135 cm