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Omega Helmet
Winter 2022.23

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KASK OMEGA HELMETOmega: the new helmet for high speed winter sports.

A talent for effortless interdisciplinarity has long been a signature of KASK’s products: from road cycling to horse-riding, the Italian company’s helmets all have the same sport-focused high tech research in their DNA. So when the company’s engineers began designing an aerodynamic new helmet for ski speed disciplines they drew on KASK’s previous experience in crafting time-trial cycling helmets. Years of lab testing at Scandinavian university institutes produced hundreds of scans of cyclists’ postures when competing and then mathematical models to improve the helmets’ shape. It is this work that underpins the new Omega, the helmet with the best aerodynamic response of all of the products being used by the national skiing federations.

The all-carbon-fibre top of the range version of the KASK Omega is a feather-light 600g (Size M) and complies with all of the World Cup safety certifications. But the most striking thing about this helmet is its design which the result of KASK’s meticulous research and development. The latter focused on all the tiniest details that translate into the hundredths of a second that make all the difference at the end of a downhill at over 130 km/h.

Aside from the Black carbon-fibre version aimed at elite athletes, the Omega family also includes three thermoplastic versions in a choice of White, Fluo Yellow and Blue, which deliver the same aerodynamic and safety performance as the pro version, differing only in weight (Size M is 660g). Lastly, the new KASK Omega’s other signatures are integrated ski mask hook and eco-leather chin strap.

The Omega product family will be available to purchase from winter 2022/23 at a recommended retail price of 800 euro for the carbon-fibre version and 350 euro for the thermoplastic version.