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KOO Eyewear
Energia Snow Goggles
Winter 2024.25

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KOO Eyewear

Equipped with a first-of-a-kind hybrid lens shape that combines cylindrical and toric lenses, the ENERGIA snow goggles are the newest winter essential from KOO Eyewear.
This unique lens shape provides an increased field of vision and wrapping like a traditional toric lens does, and additionally offers minimum refraction and the best clarity of vision possible like a cylindrical lens.

Lenses in varying colors and finishes offer different filter levels to provide optimal viewing conditions on mountain days with strong light, medium light, and low light. Crafted with comfort at the forefront, the ENERGIA goggles boast a lightweight frame and triple-layer foam cushioning combined with a venting system where the goggles meet the face to eliminate the possibility of fogging during long snow sports days.

An interlocking, interchangeable lens system allows for different light filtering levels and maximized visibility depending on the weather conditions at hand, and each premium lens, crafted in partnership with Zeiss, offers 100% UV protection. The wraparound design of the ENERGIA Goggles provide athletes with uncompromised views and extended protection from the harsh elements of the winter.

Energia, in all six variants and with the Unveil lens included, is on sale on at a price of 220,00 Euros.