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BrinzulM Pants
Winter 20.21

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MALOJA <br /> BrinzulM Pants <br /> Winter 20.21

We always find working together with athletes to be a blast. They know exactly what they need for their sport and can explain what works in practice and what doesn’t to the very last detail. We have lots of expertise in materials and manufacturing methods and, naturally, a huge passion for design. Our conversations with the pros always inspire us to create new products, some of which even become favourites among our Maloja colleagues. We know from our athlete teams, that some pros like to wear looser cut styles when training on the slopes instead of skin-tight racing suits. So, we came up with the idea for ArayaM. (women) and BrinzulM. (men) hybrid pants. Both pants are very tight around the calves, but from the knees upwards, the women’s pants feel like a looser fitting tight and the men’s version has even more so a slightly wider cut. They don’t just look more casual – they’re also so much more comfortable to wear.

To combine both style and function we’ve used a triedand-tested mix of different materials for both pants. Along the front from the waist to above the knee we’ve used a windproof, watertight, semi-elastic softshell fabric. Underneath the knee and along the full back is a lightweight, highly elastic, quick-drying and breathable stretch fabric.