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Anodization Technology
Winter 2023.24

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masters technology



What is Masters Anodization Technology?

The very best aluminium alloy (extruded AluTech 7075) undergoes a treatment to develop a finish with exceptional characteristics. This technology uses an electrochemical process which involves immersing the metal in a series of tanks so as to create a protective layer on the exposed surface.

This protective layer is drawn out from the aluminium itself (rather than being applied on the surface) and this makes it more durable than any other similar finish on the market.

Thanks to this treatment the product becomes extremely resistant to scratches, rust and weathering.



  • Exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance along the entire length of the pole.
  • Product that is more durable.
  • Exceptional scratch resistance on the printed part of the pole.
  • Resistant to corrosion and weathering.
  • Natural aluminium finish with great visual impact.
  • Bright and eye-catching printing colours.
  • Lightweight (no paint is added to the shaft).
  • Possibility for customising by printing the customer’s logo.