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Dolomiti GT Calu
Summer 2018

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MASTERS <BR /> Dolomiti GT Calu <br /> Summer 2018

Thought for an expert hiker and a trail-runner that is seeking for a reliable and versatile product. Calu® is the answer to the request of lightness, strength and bending: it is composed by a core of aluminium alloy 7075 and rolled up by the most superb quality of woven carbon: this combination assures safety and high performances over the time.

  • Shafts: Calu®
  • Sections: 16/14/12mm diameter
  • Grip: Palmo handgrip and a light with “silky” touch
  • Tip: tungsten with screw support (50mm basket can be easily replaced with the 95mm version designed for fresh snow)
  • Blocking system: Clamper external closing system
  • Measure: 66cm closed, 135cm maximum extension
  • Weight: 215 gr./piece.