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Speedster Calu
Summer 2021

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MASTERS <BR /> Speedster Calu <br /> Summer 2021


For the passionate hiker, a stick with excellent technical characteristics.
Made in four sections (ø18-16-14-12mm) of Calu®Tech – a core of AluTech 7075 covered with 100% carbon fiber – which guarantees lightness, strength and flexibility.
The new Wing Lock locking system – planned for the ø 18mm section – it is easy to use and favors a comfortable and quick adjustment of the stick; the BS expansion system – provided for sections ø 16-14mm – is made with DuPont® and plastics ensures performance over time at high and low temperatures.
The closed stick measures 52cm to reach 130cm in the maximum extension (110cm the minimum), while the weight per pair is equal to 438gr.

Price: 119.95euro

TECNOLOGY In addition to the Dolomiti LTD in the Masters house, all the models with the Palm knob that will come will be renewed replaced with the new EVO Strap handrail, an automatic adjustment system, faster and more ergonomic, having removed the buckle.

Automatic Stop System. The handrail, using a unique patented system, guarantees maximum safety and an excellent performance. The handrail is easy to adjust and simple to fix in the correct and more comfortable location. Furthermore, in the event of a fall, the handrail is automatically released releasing the hand and thus avoiding possible trauma to the wrists.