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Tre Cime Tour Carbon
Summer 2021

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MASTERS <BR /> Tre Cime Tour Carbon <br /> Summer 2021

In the foldable poles’ collection, this model is dedicated to the expert trekker.

Realized in Carbon fiber in 5 sections: 1×16 mm ø in Carbon fiber 100%, 1×14 mm ø in Carbon fiber 100%, 2×12 mm ø in Calu®, 1×12 mm ø in AluTech 7075. These sections are connected by the resistant rope that allows compactness when the pole is not in use. The rope can be easily fixed with the regulation system placed in the last section, in case it would be too soft causing vibrations to the pole’s balance. Palmo Long grip with its soft touch allows you to hold the pole at different height without working on the new Wing Lock blocking system. The grip has light strap with minimal buckle.

Blocking systems are: Wing-Lock for the main section (which defines the high of the pole) and Push-Pull for the other sections. This last system is well-known in Trail-running poles models for its convenience and reliability.

The blocking system Wing Lock is easy to use and facilitates an easy and quick adjustment of the pole. The Tip-Top system of the support with tungsten tip is ideal to quickly replace the basket.

  • Measure: 40 cm closed – 140 cm maximum extension (120 cm the minimum)
  • Weight: 226g
  • Equipped with: a pair of top baskets Ø 85 mm
  • Supplied with PA bag to replace poles after use.