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Trilogy 30 E-1
Winter 2020.21

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MILLET <BR /> Trilogy 30 E-1 <BR /> Winter 2020.21

Light and extremely strong, the Trilogy 30 E-1 backpack comes with the new Alpride electric system airbag with easy testing. This is the ideal bag for our alpine community when touring for a day or more.

• Protective Rolling Closure™ with 5 litres and compression straps

• New avalanche safety electric system Alpride E-1 / Removable system for year-round use

• Pack weight w/o airbag system : 1,150 kg

• Full main compartment access, large opening

• Shovel and probe inner sheath

• Ski / ice axe FPP™ holding system

• Modular ski-holder and lid compression ergonomic strap

• Ergonomic straps, retractable belt with leg loop, chest strap, load control straps

• Capacity: 30l.