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Dynafit Transalper Hybrid Polartec Alpha Jacket
Summer 2021

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POLARTEC <BR /> Dynafit Transalper Hybrid Polartec Alpha Jacket <BR /> Summer 2021

Part of the Salewa Group, Dynafit is headquartered in Munich. With a history based firmly in skiing, Dynafit is an athlete driven brand, producing gear for those 100% committed to mountain endurance sports.  Known for their technical excellence it’s no surprise that Polartec sits in the Athletic Mountaineering collection in the Transalper range.  Comprising six jackets, both in men and women’s styles, the Transalper Hybrid Polartec Alpha Jacket uses a technology originally designed for the US Special Forces to provide them with continuous comfort during stop-go activities.

Today Polartec® Alpha® is a popular choice for market leading active lifestyle brands because it delivers on-the-go-warmth and eliminates the need to continually shed layers. The other two jackets in Dynafit’s range include the Transalper Thermal Hooded Jacket (M&W) and the Transalper Light Polartec Hooded Jacket (M&W).  Both use Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric for lightweight breathable protection.  Polartec® Power Grid is the evolution of fleece fabric engineering with a patented grid construction knit that strengthens performance efficiency by increasing warmth and breathability, while also reducing fabric mass.