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Houdini Lightweight Power Air
Winter 2020.21

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POLARTEC <BR /> Houdini Lightweight Power Air<BR /> Winter 2020.21

Power Air: Polartec’s new fabric technology is a revolution in sustainability. By encapsulating lofted fibres within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction, the revolutionary new Polartec Power Air fabric offers advanced thermal efficiency that is proven to shed at least five times less than other premium ‘mid-layer’ weight fabrics. This ISPO Polartec will be launching a lighter weight version of this game changing fabric.

Insulation that effectively regulates core body temperature has traditionally been achieved via lofted or high-pile knit structures that hold warm air. Although Polartec is a leader in making resilient materials, it has recognised that any exposed fibre is susceptible to shedding as a function of normal wear. The Polartec Power Air construction process mitigates this by encasing the insulating lofted fibres within the knitting process.

“It’s a great product to look at – the aesthetics are phenomenal. Brand adoptions in the outdoor sector include Helly Hansen, 66 North, Montura and Millet just to mention a few” says Steve Layton, Polartec CEO. “We describe the fabric as looking like bubble-wrap and it can be worn with the inside out or the outside in. From a designer’s point of view – they will definitely dig it. It’s stylish and you have the sustainability angle, the fact that it’s fully recyclable and made from 73 per cent post-consumer plastic waste.”

Houdini with lightweight Power Air:  Polartec once again breaks new ground with lightweight Power Air. An evolution of its original Power Air launched in 2018. Lightweight Power Air is fully recyclable and made entirely from Polyester, 73% of which is recycled from waste plastic. Polartec is launching this new version with the Houdini Mono Air Houdi in 2020.  Its clean cut and simple style won’t distract from its functionality and versatility.