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Montura Stretch Pile Fire Maglia
Summer 2019

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POLARTEC <BR /> Montura Stretch Pile Fire Maglia <br /> Summer 2019

The perfect jacket for ski mountaineering, running and various outdoor sports is the Montura’s wind-resistant vest designed with four-way stretch Polartec® Power Shield Pro®. This resilient 3-layer fabric protects against the elements, but without the stiff hand and loud noise of a hard shell. It provides greater comfort, it’s highly breathable and abrasion resistant.

About Polartec: Polartec is the premium provider of innovative textile solutions. Since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981, the engineers at Polartec continue to create fabric technologies that solve problems and improve the way products are designed and used. Polartec products range from lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics, to insulation and weather protection textiles, and are utilized by leading consumer brands, the U.S. Military and other global militaries, flame resistance, workwear, and contract upholstery markets. For more information, please visit and follow Polartec on InstagramFacebook and Twitter