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Picture Moder Jacket
Winter 2020.21

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POLARTEC <BR /> Picture Moder Jacket<BR /> Winter 2020.21

Power Air: Polartec’s new fabric technology is a revolution in sustainability. By encapsulating lofted fibres within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction, the revolutionary new Polartec Power Air fabric offers advanced thermal efficiency that is proven to shed at least five times less than other premium ‘mid-layer’ weight fabrics.  This ISPO Polartec will be launching a lighter weight version of this game changing fabric.

Insulation that effectively regulates core body temperature has traditionally been achieved via lofted or high-pile knit structures that hold warm air. Although Polartec is a leader in making resilient materials, it has recognised that any exposed fibre is susceptible to shedding as a function of normal wear. The Polartec Power Air construction process mitigates this by encasing the insulating lofted fibres within the knitting process. 

“It’s a great product to look at – the aesthetics are phenomenal. Brand adoptions in the outdoor sector include Helly Hansen, 66 North, Montura and Millet just to mention a few” says Steve Layton, Polartec CEO.  “We describe the fabric as looking like bubble-wrap and it can be worn with the inside out or the outside in. From a designer’s point of view – they will definitely dig it. It’s stylish and you have the sustainability angle, the fact that it’s fully recyclable and made from 73 per cent post-consumer plastic waste.”

Picture Moder Jacket: To date Polartec has recycled more than 1.5 billion plastic bottles, saving them from a life in landfill and repurposing them for use in durable, practical outdoor clothing.  Picture has used a recycled version of Polartec Thermal Pro with a knitted look for the Moder Jacket for women [there’s a men’s version in the range too and a variety of styles.  Warm, easy-to-care for and with a durable, non-pilling face, the Moder Jacket is the perfect mid-layer piece.