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Palladium Pampa X Collection
Winter 2020.21

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SOLES BY MICHELIN <BR > Palladium Pampa X Collection<BR /> Winter 2020.21

From the collaboration between Michelin and Palladium was born PAMPA X TECH COLLECTION with one mission: to be a stylish and durable collection, the ideal companion of the contemporary man. The sole is inspired by the fundamental characteristics of MICHELIN CrossClimate tires, the first summer tires with winter capabilities. The wide surface of contact with the ground ensures stability and support of the foot, whilst the sole design features pre-formed sculptures for greater grip and adaptability to all terrains. The reverse chevron fins give maximum traction to the forefoot, and the heel area is reinforced for better impact and time resistance.

  • Wide contact surface for stability and support
  • Siped sculptures for adherence and adaptability
  • Wide groove for flexibility
  • Shoulder sculpture designed for stability and lateral control
  • Massive heel area for durability.